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Here are just a few of the many members who have written to thank Cambridge Who's Who for the ways that membership helps them gain credibility, network with their peers and enhance their careers. When you become a member, we will be happy to help you do the same.

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Rosa Khalife-McCracken
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay, Inc.
“It's Rosa Khalife-McCracken. I've been meaning to make this phone call and congratulate you on such a wonderful introduction to the 101 Industry Experts volume that I received. I’m happy about the way the book turned out. The question and answer section and introduction to my chapter were very well written. I am grateful for all that you did and for all the work you put into this publication. Have a great day.”
Claire Power Murphy Claire Power Murphy
The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc.
“As per my "award-winning" autobioigraphy, "Preserved to Serve", my life has gone from a sickly childhood, to a teacher, to a wife, to a mom, to an author, to a business founder and director. As a Cambridge Who's Who member I have initiated three groups: "Sola Scriptura", "The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword" and 'The Eight Laws of Health". Ever since I joined this organization I have gained business associates and friends while my own self-improvement advances daily. Now that Cambridge Who's Who has named me a Professional of the Year Representing Health and Wellness, I am certain that the endorsement will open incalculable doors!”
William R. Boeykens William R. Boeykens
William R. Boeykens, PC
“I received excellent feedback regarding my interview in Top 101 Industry Experts. My colleagues and friends greatly enjoyed the entire book. Thank you.”
Mundhir Ridha-Albarzanchi Mundhir Ridha-Albarzanchi
1) Research Scientist 2) Professor, Dean
1) Texas A&M University 2) Baghdad University Medical School Teaching Hospital/ IVF Institute for Embryo Research and Infertility Treatment
“My inclusion in Top 101 Industry Experts has increased my publicity. I feel better and this responsibility gives me more energy to work hard to complete my research on male contraception and genetic infertility in the near future. Additionally, I find the other expert biographies and interviews to be interesting.

The Top 101 Industry Experts book is the outcome of wonderful work that you and your team have performed. Many of my colleagues and friends have found the book to be interesting and they indicated that the book has high scientific standards and positive input in different fields of industry.”
Shirish Shah Shirish Shah
Lecturer, Professor of Chemistry
Towson University
“My friends and colleagues who have seen Top 101 Industry Experts have enjoyed reading the stories in the book, including mine. Through reading my chapter, they have acknowledged my work in the prison system and have taken into consideration my ideas about reducing tuition costs for students.”
Hagemeyer North America Logo Kip Ingram
General Manager
Hagemeyer North America
"Dear Ellen,

I would like to take this time to thank you and all of your team members for doing such a professional job regarding my news release. I have had a lot of great feedback and support since the release was made including people I haven't heard from in years to new folks just passing congratulations along. It was very professionally handled and written from start to finish.

The energy it brings has inspired me to dig deeper within my community and evaluate other opportunities in all-out effort to make a difference. I look forward to all of the additional pieces that such an offering presents including the plaque and registry to name a few. All will make interesting conversation pieces and bring hours of fulfillment in years to come.

To you and all of your team members, a blessed day and many thanks!

Very well done and it will be treasured for a life time!

Kip Ingram"
Joel Clemente Joel Clemente
Registered Nurse
Heritage Hall North
"I am happy and impressed by the way that Cambridge Who’s Who treats its members. Being recognized for my achievements and earning this honor has given me the inspiration to be more caring towards my patients and fellow men. It has motivated me to continue to strive for excellence both at work and at home all for the greater glory of God and country. As I begin to network with other members with various fields of expertise, I will surely gain more knowledge and insight. Cambridge Who’s Who is like a family getting to know each other. It builds relationships, unity and camaraderie."
Susan Closson Susan Jones Closson
Physical Education Teacher
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
"I am sending you this e-mail to give praise to Felicia Henderson & Christine DiGiacomo. They have been a great help in answering my questions concerning my biography for the registry. They were very kind, considerate and patient with my many questions. They are an asset to Cambridge Who's Who!"
Lisa Parker Lisa Parker
Certified Professional Resume Writer
"Being a member of Cambridge Who's Who has opened many doors for networking opportunities and the sharing of ideas with other members in a variety of professions. I have recently made contact with a few members who are seeking my services, and some of those have been from the press releases that Cambridge has taken the time to share with the business world. Cambridge is a great place to share events, read about other members and their interests, and to learn about opportunities for growth. I have truly enjoyed exploring the many assets that Cambridge members have access to and look forward to sharing the growth of my business with members for years to come. Thank you Cambridge, for recognizing my accomplishments and providing this valuable networking opportunity!"
Tarawa Groves Tarawa Groves
Houston Gardens Elementary School
Resumes with Results by Tarawa F. Groves
"You shared exciting and wonderful news with me! This is such an honor to have bestowed upon me. I still can't believe it. Receiving this recognition is going to further intensify my drive towards pursuing my goals because I know that in my field that I'm going to inspire others. Thank you so much to the Cambridge Who's Who organization."
Learning Prep School Logo Kristen Banks
Event Coordinator
Learning Prep School
"I am sincerely grateful for the support Cambridge Who's Who has shown towards Learning Prep School. We are honored to be a part of the Cambridge Who's Who network and would be thrilled to continue working with your team for future events. I, also, will continue to be an active member of your community and look forward to utilizing Cambridge Who's Who Connect as a fantastic opportunity to be a part of Cambridge Who's Who."
Alice Tanner Alice Tanner
Detective, Sergeant
City of Youngstown Police Department
"I enjoyed your teleseminar. I found it convenient, informative, and a great way to learn. Other sites have offered me online conferences, but they are scheduled during my work day and I cannot attend during that time. Your conference was scheduled at a time that professionals can attend and the process was easy and fast. Thank you for the great experience and I would love to attend another one should it be available in the future."
Jo DeMarco Jo DeMarco
President, Chief Executive Officer
Contessa Knows
"As a new member to Cambridge Who’s Who I was immediately impressed with the caliber and range of people I now had the opportunity to interact with. The Cambridge staff could not be more polite, well versed, dedicated and dependable, it’s easy to see how a person could flourish and grow personally and professionally with them supporting you. When I started looking through the member directory, I was amazed at the expertise and diversity of this prestigious group. I am not only honored to be included, but as one who always welcomes a challenge, I find myself raising the bar of my own standard level to maintain my place among this impressive group. What a phenomenal “club” to belong to in order to share and grow together!

As the character I’ve created “Contessa” says…”Quality must first manifest itself within our own person before we can expect to find and experience it in others.” I strive to produce the highest quality skincare products, apparel, greeting cards and entertainment and I have no doubt that I will achieve that goal with the assistance of Cambridge Who’s Who and my fellow members. I invite you all to visit both “Contessa” and I at for a realistic view of love, life and more!"
Member Image Coming Soon Gary Combs
Finance Manager
Pardigm Engineering
"I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service of Cambridge Who's Who. They listened to my situation and custom tailored a solution to fit my needs. I know that I will be a long term client because they truly do care about the person."
Member Image Coming Soon Dr. Kimberly A. Funches-Jackson
Columbus Medical Associates
“When asked to describe Cambridge Who's Who and the value that membership has provided for me, the word awesome comes to mind. I recently submitted my biography and resume to a pageant committee to determine my eligibility to become a judge. The Cambridge Who's Who name was instantly recognized and I earned the position.

I have upgraded my membership with Cambridge Who's Who to the lifetime program. I will be using membership for professional development and networking with my peers. As an added bonus I can show my engraved Cambridge Who's Who wall plaque of achievement to friends and family. I have a lot of pride in who I am and the work that I do. As an owner of a private practice, credibility is important to me and being recognized by Cambridge Who's Who is a great testimony to my accomplishments.”
Member Image Coming Soon Lucille T. Chagnon
Literacy Acceleration Consultants, LLC
"When I became a member of Cambridge Who's Who, I had many questions regarding my membership. It was a pleasure speaking with both Mo and Michelle to get my questions answered. Mo in member services was extremely helpful and when my computer was not responding correctly, Michelle in technical support helped me to gain access to so that I could start networking.

Mo and Michelle were extremely patient and professional. Before hanging up I asked to speak with their supervisor to explain how well-trained and helpful they were. I have done this many times when people have gone beyond giving routine responses. I also appreciated their enthusiasm about my approach to literacy simplification and acceleration. Please feel free to visit my website,, where our philosophy is, 'Working together we can begin to wipe out low literacy.'"
Chinonyerem (Chi Chi) Okezie Chinonyerem (Chi Chi) Okezie
SIMPLEnetworking, LLC
“Cambridge Who's Who membership has provided an endorsement that has elevated my status as a professional. I always tell my clients that I am a Cambridge Who's Who member, the prestige and credibility of the Cambridge Who's Who name has opened new doors for me and my company SIMPLEnetworking, LLC. Business consulting and instruction is a competitive field and a third-party endorsement is invaluable. I recently had the pleasure of working with Cambridge Who's Who representative Michelle Lee regarding my Featured Business article in the upcoming Cambridge Who's Who newsletter. Michelle is prompt, clear, precise and accurate in her work. The entire experience was handled in the most professional way."
Danielle Slade Danielle Slade
Business Development Executive
Culver Careers
"I wanted to write to Cambridge Who's Who regarding the outstanding service provided by Daniel Metzger. I had the opportunity to speak with him regarding some concerns I had, and I really appreciated how great he was dealing with my questions, his exceptional follow-up, even with my crazy schedule, and how professional he was to work with. I really value customer service in a company, and I hope that Mr. Metzger is rewarded for being such a great asset to Cambridge Who's Who."
Dr. Alethea Allen Dr. Alethea Allen
Seed the Harvest Time Consulting
"Cambridge Who's Who has been a terrific resource for generating new business for my company, Seed the Harvest Time Consulting. I originally opted to try out Cambridge Who's Who's services for one year. In January of 2008, I contacted my representative to renew my Cambridge Who's Who membership and am now a Lifetime member. Thanks to a complimentary business listing in CamBiz™ and a rotating advertisement on the members'-only pages of, I have received both emails and phone calls soliciting my services. In today's challenging business environment, networking is the best tool available. As a grant writer for non-profit organizations, my membership with Cambridge Who's Who has provided me with both leads and new business."
Susan A. Thompson Susan A. Thompson
The North American Andy Transplant Foundation
“I've been a member of Cambridge Who's Who since 2006. When I speak to employee Cynthia Bailey, she is positive, professional, creative, has great follow-up skills and is always a pleasure to work with. Cynthia has helped to strengthen our foundation by nominating me, president and founder of The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. as Executive of the Year. After one year, I will retire into the Cambridge Who's Who Hall of Fame program. I am very proud of this status. Thanks to Cynthia for making a noble contribution to the American spirit. Keep up the excellent work!”
Ivan P. Dobranic Ivan P. Dobranic
Ivan P. Dobranic Gallery & Portfolio
"It is a pleasure to be a member of Cambridge Who's Who and it is a honor to be recognized for my accomplishments. The staff at Cambridge Who's Who has always been attentive to my needs as a member of their organization. I was chosen to be a part of their Corporate Giving Program because of the physical ailments that I suffer from that are brought on by muscular dystrophy. My artwork is my only source of income to accommodate for the overwhelming expenses that are associated with the disease. Cambridge Who's Who has not only met my needs as a professional artist but has also as an individual. Cambridge Who's Who has issued a press release that can be viewed at It details how I design my artwork and how to purchase any of my original pieces. My artwork is available at"
Melody Baker Melody Baker
Melody's Income Generator
"I am a deaf and paraplegic internet marketer who has decided to help other disabled people. I own four websites, including two add-ons and parked domains. Since becoming a member of both Metropolitan Who's Who and Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, I have become a voice for disabled people in Ventura, California, and I am able to help others. My website is profitable, and I am helping others become financially independent, which makes me feel like I am once again able to contribute to society. And, I can say that this feeling was made possible by my acceptance into both registries. I am extremely grateful to Cynthia and the staff at Cambridge Who's Who, for allowing me this opportunity to communicate with so many members. Thank you all."
Member Image Coming Soon Ramon Caldas
E-Commerce and Procurement Department Manager
Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority
"I used the member search function on the Cambridge Who's Who website and found several professionals in the supply chain sector familiar with MRO (maintenance and repair operations) systems. My conversations with them allowed me to advance my own work in that field. Because of my Cambridge Who's Who membership, my project was completed more rapidly and at less expense than it might have otherwise. I also find it very interesting to read the bios of other members-the variety of accomplishments is amazing."
Xiomara Carrillo Xiomara Carrillo
Account Executive
Matrix Employee Leasing, Inc.

"A Who's Who member I found in Cambridge's database told me about the National Association of Women in Construction, which I have joined. My company manages workers’ compensation and payroll for construction companies, so membership (in Cambridge and the NAWC) is a great source of potential business. Through informal conversations and speaking engagements, I hope to let construction companies know how Matrix can reduce their costs, since construction is one of several industries that carry high risk management costs."
Hazel Evans Hazel Evans
VP, Strategic Business Development
Medialocate USA

"My Cambridge Who's Who membership has turned out to be a great business tool. We sent a targeted email to about 1,500 members who seem to be likely candidates for our foreign language services. So far, we’ve received more than 100 replies from potential clients as well as companies that provide services our business could benefit from. The synergies are almost endless!"
Christina Botto Christina Botto
HelpWithTeenagers, LLC

"Membership in Cambridge Who's Who is recognized as a mark of excellence in one’s profession. For people who benefit from third-party recommendations of their work, that kind of recognition is invaluable. In promoting my website,, my book, “Help Me with My Teenager,” and my consulting business, I always mention my Cambridge recognition, because it helps to open doors I want to go through."
Joseph P. Cool Joseph P. Cool
Cool & Associates, Inc.

"To pepare for a business trip to Reno, NV, I used the Cambridge Who's Who Registry to identify members who would have an interest in a concept I’ve been developing: Business and Marketing Tridents. I contacted my fellow honorees, and they were more than willing to meet with me. If we had not had Registry membership in common, they probably would not have met with me so readily. It looks like we will be working together on some projects, and I have the Registry to thank for making the initial contact so easy!"
Alma Hudson Alma Hudson
Poetry Writer

"As a poet, former USO entertainer, and avid volunteer, I’ve lived a very rich life so far, and I’ve always believed that people who willingly give of themselves reap great rewards. One of my rewards is the recognition I received from Cambridge Who's Who. It helps me help others even more, because it speaks to my credibility as an effective volunteer for non-profit organizations."
Member Image Coming Soon Martha Brown
Private Duty Nurse/Bodyguard

"I joined Cambridge Who's Who because of the honor of being recognized for my accomplishments, but I have received much more from my membership. Cambridge Who's Who staff members respond to my requests promptly, provide me with all the information I seek, and are always there to help me get the most out of my membership. I’m a private duty nurse, and I’ve been fortunate enough to find a role in life that combines healthcare with my expertise in executive and personal protection as well as criminal investigation. I enjoy networking with other Cambridge members in health care who want to expand their career horizons."
Loretta Walsh Loretta Walsh, RN, MSN, M.Ed.
Registered Nurse, Staff Nurse for Special Education Students
McAllen (Texas) Independent School District

"I’ve been a member of Cambridge Who's Who since 2004. Whenever I call my representative, Carole Armstrong, she is available for me and gives me the help I’m looking for. Carole and another Cambridge employee, Victoria Mitchell, always put the human touch on our business dealings. It seems to me that the Cambridge “signature” is going out of their way to be helpful to their members. More good people like them are needed in this world. Keep up the wonderful work!"
Cynthia B. Ainsworthe Cynthia B. Ainsworthe
Registered Nurse
Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, FL

"It's a pleasure to be a member of Cambridge of Who's Who. I have had a completely positive experience with this association. You all have been informative, helpful, and professional and maintain a friendly approach in communication. It's evident that all involved maintain customer service as the number one goal; a goal that has been met one hundred percent. I am a very satisfied customer."
For a detailed description of the company, please see the Cambridge Who's Who About Us page.
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